Freebie Use License

Love my freebies? That makes me happy.

Updated Terms of Use 3/26/2014:

As of 3/26/2014, freebies on this blog are for PERSONAL use only. Any freebies released after 3/26/2014 will include a terms of use stating this in the download file. Previously released freebies that are currently being used for commercial use are ok (as my prior terms stated commercial use is ok), but if you download anything after 3/26/2014, I ask that you only use it for personal use.

I ask that you please do not modify/re-sell any of my freebies and claim them as your own. Help keep my freebies free. :) You don't have to credit me, but I do appreciate when you send readers my way, so linking to my freebie posts or pinning them is preferred when you share one. 

Any questions, please shoot me an email at