About Me/FAQ

Hi! I'm Melissa.

Are your freebies free for commercial use?
Not as of 3/26/2014. Please check out my very brief terms of use page.

One of your old links has expired. How can I access that file?
You can't. I no longer update this blog nor do I create digital content, and I will not be updating any old, broken links anymore. 

May I share one of your posts in my blog roundup/link list?
Yes, I just ask that you credit me.

How can I use your PNG files without Photoshop?
Great question! Check out this post for a great alternative. 

What system do you use for backing up photos?
I use SmugMug for online backup, along with several local options. (You can save 20% off a SmugMug subscription using coupon code: 2AlIBtlrka2eM when checking out). Please check out this post to read about my process.