Life Update

It's been nearly 2 years since I've posted here. I kind of gave up on the blog. I'm not even sure why I'm writing this post, other than to have it to look back on one day, if I don't delete my blog entirely.

Since I last wrote here, we sold our home and moved to a new town, the pandemic hit and flipped everyone's lives upside down, and I started a new job.

Let's start with the good. We sold our home in early 2020 (we had our open house 2 weeks before the pandemic shut everything down and the house was under agreement less than a week after we went live) and built a brand new house in a new town while we lived in an apartment. We moved to our new town in December. 

We LOVE living here. We are at the top of a hill, and the view and the sunsets from our front door are unbelievable:

We live in a beautiful neighborhood, with friendly and welcoming neighbors. Austin made friends immediately with a dozen or so kids nearby. Our biggest concern changing towns was whether he'd be ok, and he's doing great - despite being entirely remote for school this year. He's out most afternoons playing in someone's yard nearby. Our yard has a huge hill in the front where all the kids would come sledding over the winter. Our yard here is 4x the size of our last one. 

It is so quiet and peaceful here - in the winter you'd walk out at night and you could hear a pin drop. I love the small town vibe. The town pages on Facebook aren't filled with arguments and insults and complaints, but rather helpful and friendly advice. We are quite a bit away from my family or any of the "big box" stores, which means when we need to visit them or run to Target it's a half day trip. This is our "forever" home (at least until Brad and I both retire and need to downsize/move to someplace warmer). I never really felt attached to our last home - this one, perhaps because we watched it go from an empty lot to a home we chose everything about, is our dream home. I felt like I'd already lived here by the time we moved in. 

We chose some upgrades like hickory flooring throughout the entire house and a larger deck. Once we moved in we started a few projects like a closet system, finishing a single room in our basement for movie and game nights, and we're about to have a patio and a shed installed out back. We never did anything major to the last two places we owned, so we want to start off right and be able to enjoy some of these things for years to come.

During the summer last year, between our homes, we lived in a 2 bedroom apartment with our dog and 2 cats. Thankfully, the apartment building had a pool, because with the pandemic hitting and not really being able to go out and do things, the beautiful heated pool was a welcoming escape from everything happening in the world. Honestly the apartment was fine - we only really felt the cramped space towards the end when we could see the light at the end of the construction tunnel. It was so worth it in the end. 

We did visit Disney during August of last year. What a "different" experience that was. We did have a great time, and the vacation was nice after having our cruise last May canceled, but during Covid times I think Disney is missing a bit of the "magic." That being said, we were able to ride so many more rides than usual due to not needing fast passes and lighter crowds. We had the pool mostly to ourselves for a majority of the trip. And our flight home had only 26 total passengers. We also made sure to quarantine for two full weeks when we got back, which was easy with Brad working from home. We'll be heading down again in a few months, and have our fingers crossed fireworks might come back by then.

With school closing in the spring, Austin never had to worry about going from the apartment to his school. We enrolled him in the new town for the fall and we had the option of going full remote. Since we'd have to commute almost 30 minutes to get him to school, remote made sense for us. He'll be in a new middle school next year, so he's staying remote for the rest of this year. But there are a lot of kids in his grade in our new neighborhood, and he made a few other friends in the same grade over the remote classes, so he will already know plenty of them going into middle school. 

With the pandemic shutting everything down, Brad has been working from home for over a year. He goes into work a few days a month but is otherwise home on Zoom most of the day. I continued working at a local craft store up until a few months before we moved. I will say, working with the public once we re-opened really bumped up my anxiety, so I couldn't wait to quit. Which is too bad, because when I first started that job I really enjoyed it. 

But after we moved, my realtor contacted me and offered me a job as her assistant, and I can work from home. I never ever thought I'd be involved in real estate (and I will never be a realtor myself) but it's something new and really interesting to see what goes on behind transactions. I get to be home with Austin and the work is completely flexible - some days I'm busy for hours and some days I only have a few things that need to be done. I can run errands when I need to. It's the perfect job, really. 

I shut down my Etsy shop at the start of 2020 knowing we were getting ready to move and I decided recently not to reopen it, at least for now. I no longer feel a need to try and sell things I make. I want to craft for ME, or make cards for friends and family, and not feel the pressure of needing to make money from those things. I think I like keeping my hobby a hobby and not my work. It also makes me feel less guilty about bouncing between hobbies. Sometimes I feel like crocheting or diamond painting, and sometimes I feel like paper crafting. There are enough things on my daily "to do" list that I don't need crafting to be one of them anymore. I also don't feel like making YouTube videos anymore or blogging all of my craft projects. 

That's really all I felt like saying today. Our lives have been a roller coaster for the past several years and it's nice to have things begin to settle down. We get our first vaccine doses within the next few days, and I hope everyone can get vaccinated so we can get back to some level of normal. Stay healthy. 


  1. I'm so happy for you and your family. Even though you are away from your extended family you seem happier and your place is that sunset! It's great to reduce the level of stress and enjoy your hobby (hobbies).
    Wishing you the best in whatever the future holds. Enjoy!

    1. Thank you Cindy for your kind words! I didn't even know if anyone still read this blog! :)