New Hobby

Yes, I know I haven't updated in half a year. I have no excuses. Just haven't felt like writing.

Now that that's out of the way...I picked up a new hobby back at the end of last year. I taught myself how to crochet. Working at a local craft store I was seeing all the gorgeous soft yarn we had and I just needed to learn how to use it. I tried knitting and after 7 solid hours I was just frustrated with it. I think my tension was too tight - it hurt my hands. I tried crochet the next day and haven't looked back. Crochet was EASY!

So I've been making lots of pretty things...and collecting even more pretty yarn. :)

I started with granny squares! And I thought, yes! I'll only ever make granny squares (or circles) of all kinds so I can use so many colors of yarn.

Then I thought, no, wait, I'm going to make mandalas! Those are even cooler than grannies!

Then, of course, I had to make myself a pin cushion for my needles.

From there, I made a cotton towel for the kitchen to dry our hands on. And then I made some matching placemats and coasters.

Then I decided 3 weeks before it was needed to make my first afghan.

She loved it, by the way.

I made a kitchen scrubby, and some face scrubbies.

I made a bag, and had my mom line it for me. (I'm super proud of this one, and the colors are SO pretty!)

I made a bathing suit cover in the week before a trip to Disney earlier this month, and finished it on the plane!

And I have just recently started on making chemo hats for donation. I'm doing adult and children's sizes, but am still looking for where to donate my children's hats. My mom has a friend that works for Dana Farber and can take the adult ones for me.

So that's pretty much what I've been doing. I've also been decluttering - we donated/passed on/tossed so much stuff this spring - 2 car loads to a local Scout troop yard sale, 2 car loads of kids toys to a friend nearby, 2 boxes of books to the local used bookstore, 2 car loads of boxes and styrofoam to my mom for shipping, and bags upon extra bags of pure trash and bulk pickup items in our garbage. We cleaned and organized our attic and garage. The house is looking SO good. And we've been traveling a lot.

I have not felt like making YouTube videos. I haven't felt like blogging. I haven't even been making cards recently, but I do have a craft fair this fall so I'll be getting back to those soon. I have been very busy, just not with the stuff I expected to be busy with. I am enjoying not working in an office and instead embracing my retail crafty job for now, while I can.

Talk to you some point. :)

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