Small Update

Just popping in with a small update as to where I've been. About a month ago, I picked up a part time a local craft store! It's a HUGE change from my former job as an accountant, both in job type and obviously monetarily, but so far I love it. I get to stock crafty stuff (which satisfies my need to organize), I am meeting other crafters, and I get to make a little extra cash while I'm at it. The job is suuuuper flexible with hours so I can work while my son is in school and get out in time to pick him up in the afternoon. It gives me time to work on my craft business as well. I do need to get used to being on my feet for hours at a time, and how to continue to fit everything else around hours that change each week. But as I said, I am so far loving it!

So that's where I've been lately! Other than that, not much is going on. I'm working on stocking up for my last craft show of this season and filling my shop with items. This week I put up holiday earrings, so if you're interested, please check them out here! Here are a few pics of some of them below, but I have a lot more.

As the holidays approach I'm trying to make some gifts for my family, and I'm already thinking ahead to 2019 and what next year will bring. I'll update here when I can or have something new to share with you. :)

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