Ohuhu Marker First Impressions - Copic Marker Alternative - Cheap Alcohol Markers!

The other day while browsing YouTube I came across a set of inexpensive alcohol based markers available on Amazon from Ohuhu. I had a gift card and they are really cheap (less than 50 cents a marker), so I thought I would go for it. I ordered the set of 100 Ohuhu markers, but they do come in sets of 40, 60, and 80 as well.

I received them today and filmed an unboxing/first impression video for you. Well, really for Shannon, but you all can watch too! Please check out my video below:

As I mentioned in my video, after testing them all, I found none dried out or cracked. Just one cap that had a little melty thing going on, but it didn't affect the marker or it's ability to close.

Here is my full color swatch chart of the 100 set of Ohuhu markers. As you can see there is a really great range of colors, and they even include a few neon colors, which is kind of neat (not sure what I'll use those for though!).

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