Weight Loss Check In #5 and New Deck!

Happy Monday! Last week was, once again, filled with zero exercise. I'm so lazy! I have no excuses other than I just.dont.wanna. But I lost 1.5 pounds anyway, which makes it 7 pounds total. Which I totally don't feel I deserve since I didn't exercise. However I'm still being really good with calories every single day. I'm eating so much less than I used to, so I am at least doing something. But yeah, I know. I need to exercise.

In other news, this project has been going on for 3 weeks at home. Still not finished but we now have a functioning deck again. Next weekend, Brad is going to put the white fascia boards on the base of the deck, and he's going to start building steps on the gate side over the concrete, and on the side where Sadie's new "bathroom" is. Then he's got some grand plans to build a patio (not likely), and hopefully we can get some grass growing and make our backyard less embarrassing.

Here's the before photo. The stain is all peeled up and the boards all wonky. The yard in front of the deck is dead because Sadie used it as her bathroom for so long.

And here is what it now looks like (sorry I don't have the same angle as the before shot yet...will post when we get the steps and fascia boards done). We put a gate along the back to prevent Sadie from going out there. And we've build a fenced in run for her on the right hand side, so we can let her out the door into the run.

We always had to clip Sadie to a chain/run because if left alone in the backyard she will dig and it's impossible to get her back in the house (she'll run when you try to catch her because she thinks it's a game). So now she's got this area she can go potty in and she won't have access to the rest of the yard unless we are out there playing with her.

So that's the update for this week! I have some cards to post and I've been adding more earrings to my Etsy shop...busy busy! :) Have a great week!

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