We're Back!

Happy Friday everyone! My family and I are back from a two week Disney-filled vacation. This week has been spend catching up but I'll have a new card for the card-making challenge I started before I left on Monday! I'm also working on a vlog for the YouTube channel with all the little video clips I took during the trip as well as a trip recap post. 

The weather is FINALLY warm here in MA as well so we've been enjoying that. It definitely made it easier to come back from 2 weeks of warmth and sunshine. It actually snowed in MA the day we left for vacation! Spring sure took a long time to arrive.

I am also going to be working hard to lose the extra weight I've gained the past couple of years, so once I start I'll be doing some weight loss checkin posts here once a week too. More for accountability for me, as I'm sure no one really wants to read about my weight loss. However I need a public place to document my progress and own up to what I'm eating/doing so this is the best place for me to do that. I'll try to keep them quick and dirty so I don't bore you guys. I'm not intending to hard-core diet or anything like that, more try to eat healthier and make sure I get some exercise. Since I've been doing nothing and eating everything I want, that alone should make at least a little change!

I hope you guys have a great weekend - see you next week!

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