Weight Loss Check In #1

Sorry I didn't get this up yesterday. I've embarked on a mission to organize my "Monica's Closet," that you may have seen in my craft room tour video I posted a couple months back, and I've put everything else on hold while I work on that. I brought my jewelry making stuff back down from the attic. Remember when I used to make handmade jewelry? No? Well, I did, before Austin was born. I would like to get back into doing a little of that. I have all these beads and stones and crystals that I'd love to turn into earrings (those are my favorite things to make) and maybe a few necklaces too. And I also still have family staying with us for another night, so I am out of routine (have I even ever been in a routine?).

Anyway, week 1 went pretty well. I went over daily calories on the weekend, but still ate healthier than I usually do. We just had a graduation to celebrate and Mother's Day. I made better choices than usual though and I'm proud of how I did. I logged my calories every day with My Fitness Pal. I exercised officially just one day, but another day I spent like, 4 hours cleaning the house and was exhausted after, so I counted that too.

So I weighed in yesterday morning and was down 1.5 pounds. That's perfect, as I'm aiming for a 1 pound loss per week. I would like to lose 23 total pounds from my starting weight, but I'm happy to do it slowly.

This week my plan is to get back on the treadmill more regularly, now that I've got the calories "under control." But first, that whole closet cleanout thing.

I leave you with a photo of Summer from her graduation from Berklee this past weekend. She actually finished school in August, in 3.5 "college years" (technically it's 3 years time-wise since she started in August and finished in August) but she walked with her class on Saturday.

Image may contain: 2 people, including Summer Whittaker, people smiling

This is Summer around age 4 (it's our old apartment and I think the earliest photo I have of her, which is how I determined the age), and her on Saturday.

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