Project Life 2018: Week 1

I wanted to share the first week of my 2018 Project Life album with you guys. I know already that I will not be sharing every week here on the blog. It took me since Monday just to get these pics taken and the blog post written. I will likely share every week over on my Instagram, and just sporadically include layouts here on the blog.

But here is week one. It's a very simple layout, which is my goal. I used a few different sets of stickers/thickers and a label, but really no embellishing at all. I can't compete with the amazing Project Life creative team every year, and trying to defeats my goal of keeping this project simple.

And here are the two pages a bit closer up:

The first picture I included is actually from just before midnight on December 31. We woke Austin up to watch the ball drop (he'd requested to go to bed and have us wake him up rather than him staying up). He fell back to sleep while waiting so we had to wake him again. I just wrote a quick note about this onto a little card stock label and attached it to the photo. 

I had to include a photo of some of the Lego sets we have been doing since Christmas. I received the BB-8 Lego set for Christmas and really enjoyed putting it together. Since then I've been doing a few older sets we have in the house and I ordered another smaller Star Wars set for me. Austin (and sometimes Brad) have been doing their own Lego sets at the same time so it's been kind of a fun family activity.

I included a photo of two ornaments that were given to us this year that were really special to me. My grandmother has been in a nursing home for a few years now and she isn't doing that well, and my mom had found a bag of ornaments she had purchased for everyone in the family. So my mom wrapped them up and gave them to us this year. It would have been the last time my grandmother was able to shop on her own, so they just mean a little something more to me than ornaments she's been able to give me in the past.

Brad and I have been playing a game together on the Xbox called Diablo 3. It's a cooperative fantasy type of game, very similar to the old Baldur's Gate games we used to play together. It's been really fun playing together again, so I added a photo of our characters as they were the other day (as we get new armor and weapons our appearances change).

This was my first week being unemployed. I was able to get a few things done, like starting a cleaning routine with the Tody app (though I haven't gotten to the whole house yet - but the bathrooms are on a schedule now and that pleases me). I've just kind of been working from zone to zone in the house. I also find that I'm really tired a lot, and when I really think about it, I just think it's the past two years of stress (both good and bad) catching up to me and telling me to take a little break. But I'm struggling with doing that and trying to find my fit as a stay at home.

I've got some motivation in me for a craft project I've been thinking about doing for a loooooong time, and I'm going to try to work on that over the next week. Basically I've been wanting to find a place to donate handmade cards, as many of the ones I make never get sent to anyone. I also would really like to make some uplifting cards but have no one to send those directly to. And I've been inspired lately by Kristie Marcotte's YouTube channel and her amazing ways to use a 6x6 paper pad to make like, 35 cards! So I think I'm going to incorporate her card making style into a (smaller) project to make some cards up to send to a few places I've found that take cards and give them to children in the hospital. I have so much paper...more than I'll ever need (yet as with most crafters, I always seem to need more!) so I thought it would be a good idea to start using them! I'll be sure to post about it if/when I complete the project, which I hope will be soon, and link to those places to donate as well.

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