It's been a month! Life update, goals, Color Street, etc

Happy Monday everyone!

I know I promised my donation cards post but I'm still finishing that up. I'm up to 19 cards so far with one 6x6 paper pad, which several sheets left to go. This project is a lot of fun so I can't wait to share it with you. My main goal this week is to complete that for you. I have no other plans so crafting is the top priority this week!

Speaking of goals, I have a lot of them that I'm trying to get through. I'm starting to break out of my funk. I'm working on catching up with my 2017 finances from my former business over the next couple of weeks so we can work on our taxes this year. I'm getting back to exercise so I can drop all the weight I gained over the past two years (about 20 pounds). I've been cleaning the house like crazy and we moved all the leftover business supplies/fixtures to the attic to just get the house decluttered. I've been working more in my craft room. I will start some graphic designing soon - just haven't gotten there yet.

I have an app called Tody which I downloaded (it's $7 to purchase it fyi) that I am really liking. You can set up all the different cleaning areas in your house by room/area and set how often you want to clean them, and it shows you what needs to be done, when. I can say now I've been sticking too my weekly cleaning of my bathrooms and vacuuming, so I'm pretty proud of myself. I even put dishes in there as a daily task which reminds me not to just leave the dishes in the sink (however I only do dishes once per day - if a few sit overnight, I'm ok with it, this just keeps me from being overwhelmed). Same with laundry, I have it set every 3 days. I do a load and then I'm not spending an entire day doing laundry because I've let it go so long. I recommend it if you want to find something to keep you on a cleaning schedule.

I've been really happy with my grocery shopping this month. We've only eaten out once on a gift card, and then while we were at Great Wolf Lodge. (down from 2-3 times a week!). We've been doing really well eating what's in the house. I've been keeping groceries under $100 a week so far, and sticking to a specific list when I shop. I use iBotta to get rebates, along with Checkout 51. And I started couponing a little bit. That one is going to take me a little bit to get into. I've been trying to use eBates online whenever I shop online too.

If you were wondering...I am 3 weeks behind on Project Life. But I swear I'll catch up this week lol. Going away for the weekend threw me off because when I would have done it, we were gone, and then I got into some cleaning projects at home and didn't have time to do it. But it'll get done. At some point. :)

I mentioned this before, but I joined a company called Color Street back in late summer as an Independent Stylist. Color Street, if you don't know already, produces 100% nail polish strips. I fell in love the first time I used them. I don't spend time on makeup everyday for me, but the one thing I always like is pretty nails. I never tried nail wraps because they seem too complicated to apply, but I found Color Street to be really easy. There is no heat, no special tools - it's as simple as peel and stick. I like that they have no drying time, and the designs are ones I would actually wear on my nails. So I signed up within my first week of use. The starter kit was only $129 (a FAAAAR cry from the investment I made in my last business) so I felt like it was no risk - and I made that back in commission on my first party. I've been enjoying doing my nails! The strips are inexpensive ($11-14 with B3G1 free specials on everything except French - which are B1G1 free) which is great, because I am ALL about saving money.

If you haven't tried Color Street I really would love to send you a free sample - you can find me on Facebook here. In my pinned post, there's a link to request a sample and I'll get one right out to you! Give them a try, they're easy and cute and fun! If you just want to browse the inventory, and shop, you can always click on and check us out that way!

Did I tell you already that I've been enjoying gaming on the Xbox with Brad lately? We're still working our way through Diablo 3, which is an awesome game. I've been looking up others to try afterwards, but we may end up playing Diablo 3 again and again. It's a great coop game!

We have a trip to Disney planned in a few weeks and I'm really looking forward to the time with my boys. Also I'll be seeing my folks who moved down to Florida in the fall, so that will be good too.

Alright, time to go have lunch and then get back to these cards! Talk to you soon! :)

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