Long Time, No Blog

Hi there! I'd like to apologize for the lack of posts over the past....11 months? Wow. Life has just taken this crazy turn for me. After signing on to be a LuLaRoe retailer, I found that I have so little time to myself.

This business is crazy busy, and requires a LOT of social media presence. And I still work an office job (though I recently went part-time), so between the two, the little time I have winds up being at 11pm at night. And the last thing I feel like doing is sitting online and typing out a blog when I've spent most of the day interacting on various social media platforms. And there hasn't been any energy to create anything crafty. Since last Mother's Day, I've made two cards. It's a little sad, because creating handmade cards and scrapbooking was a passion, and still is, but right now LuLaRoe has taken priority.

Eventually, I am hoping to not have to work an office job. And I know that the pains I'm having right now will be rewarding in the end, when I can finally leave. For now though, I'm straight out, day in, and day out. I have little time to meet up with friends, as I schedule events a month or two ahead. I don't have time or energy to craft. And free time I do have...I'm spending with my family.

We did just come back from an amazing Disney cruise, and I had a solid two weeks with my guys to reconnect. That was important to me. I even requested a private table at dinner, so we didn't have to be "on" with anyone else and could just be with each other.

In St. Kitts

I hope to check in again soon. Perhaps I'll find some time to create something wonderful to share with you guys now that I've cut back my hours at my office job. For now I'm just loving what I'm doing. If you want to come join me and see what I've been doing with my days and nights though, I would love for you to join my group - you can get there through my business page.

I hope you all are well and your families are doing well and you're doing things you love. I miss interacting with you guys through this blog. Someday I'll be back to it! I haven't stopped loving creating...it's just on hold. And I'm (sort of) ok with that.


  1. Random question... I found you online when I looked up scrapbook storage. You posted in 2013 and showed how you organized your stuff. I really liked the storage cube shelving that you show. it looks like its 3 cubes wide and 2 bins tall for a total of 6 openings. Could you please let me know where you got this. It looks like ikea, but I don't see that size there. Thank you for your help...

    1. Im not sure which post you are referring to specifically. I have storage in my craft room from IKEA (old expedit units). I have white wire cubes that are found everywhere-target, Amazon, etc. I also have other white solid storage with drawers that come from Michaels.