So. Hi.

Just popping in to say hello. It's been FAR too long, I know. I'm sorry. And this really isn't much of a post either. But I did want to say hi, and that I am thinking of you readers and this blog and someday soon, I hope to be back at it.

The truth is, I haven't crafted since March. I haven't really even stepped foot in my craft room unless I'm using my Mac. And I am missing it, a bit.

But I love, love, LOVE being a LuLaRoe consultant, no matter how busy I am. No matter how little sleep I get. It's fun. I enjoy it. I love when I get a note back from a customer telling me how much they loved their item. It is very hard work. So much work. But I am learning so much. I am making new friends. And I'm feeling very fulfilled.

I miss crafting and card making, and am hoping to make some stuff soon that I can share. I also really want to share pictures from our Disney vacation, which are still on my phone. For now I'm just going to leave you with this simple photo. My tiger lilies are blooming, and this makes me happy. They are my favorite flower.


  1. hej melissa, nice to hear from you :0) i hope you enjoy your job and come back again one day to your craft room :0) greetings from denmark Ulrike

  2. Hi there! I am leaving you a note regarding a post you did about your Halloween mantel. I was wondering if I could buy those Target wooden blocks from you!! I've been searching to replace my set for years since my apartment fire that ruined all my decor. Is this possible? Would you consider selling them to me? My email is If you have time to reach out. Thank you for your invaluable time!

    1. Hi Chelsea-no I'm sorry I use them in my mantle every year. I don't wish to sell them.