Memory Keeping: Wedding Project Life Album Title Page

If you've been reading this blog for a few years, you may remember that I had started a Project Life style wedding album using the Olive Edition. Unfortunately I never really got very far on it. I actually only did the title page and one spread about details.

Then the Southern Weddings Edition came out and I fell in love with the colors and prompt cards. So I am starting again. This past weekend I worked on separating the prompt cards out (some of them Brad can fill out too), and creating my title page. I did steal one aspect from my old title page - that '2' from the Dear Lizzy 5th and Frolic line, doily piece and pink heart.

I added some Dear Lizzy Treasure thickers on the top left card with our wedding date, but other than that I kept this page simple, just photos and cards from the Southern Weddings kid. I had a couple of black and white photos that I wanted to include, so I converted two others to black and white in Photoshop Elements so that this page all coordinated. I don't plan to convert all my photos to black and white (even though that was my original plan with the Olive Edition version of this album), so I do expect that some layouts will have both color and black and white photos.

So there is the first page! I hope you guys like it. I'll share more layouts as I make progress. I have this album out on my table so I'm really hoping I can actually complete it this time!


  1. Love! I too started with the Olive Edition and then switched everything over when the Southern Weddings Edition came out. My hang up with my wedding photos is I have hard copies in a 5x7 size and then the negatives. I haven't found a place that scans the negatives well, so I'm struggling with what to do with all my 5x7 prints. It would be so much easier if they were 4x6! But thanks for sharing your progress. I love your title page.! Need to get back on mine too!

    1. So I will say, I scanned the ones I had in 5x7 (from the photog at the place I was married) because I only had about two dozen and I didn't want to ruin my originals. My others are in digital. But my all-in-one printer does make decent scans. I also have a small photo scanner for 4x6 photos I'd found on Amazon relatively inexpensively. I bet they make some that will do 5x7 size!