DIY Clip Storage Rack

My photo printer has chosen to be a jerk when I need to be printing photos for my wedding scrapbook, so instead of a memory keeping post, today you get an organizational one. I can't figure out why suddenly all my photos are printing with reddish hues. It could be the cheap, non-Epson ink I tossed in it last month (in fact, that's probably pretty likely) but I did do a print head check and the coloring there looks accurate. In any case, I'm...working on it.

So today I'm sharing the newest way I'm storing my embossing folders. I was thinking recently about getting one of those spinning round clip racks, so I could clip up my folders and see them easier. However, after looking at many photos of the round racks in use, I knew I could not handle the round setup. I wanted my folders in a nice straight line.

So then I was looking into some standing hand towel racks that I could put up on top of one of my surfaces. I don't have a place to install a tension rod in my room (and not sure that would stay up either), and I did not want to mount anything to the wall (as this room hopefully one day will not be my craft room but a guest bedroom when my room moves to the attic). I decided to wander around Target in search of a standing towel rack before trying to order one on Amazon. Let me save you the trouble: they didn't have any.

I was just about to head out of Target when I found this:

It's a hanging file rack from Nate Berkus and what was perfect about it was that it was just a long continuous metal rod, no shelves or edges or anything to get in the way of the clips I wanted to hang. And it was $12.99.

I also grabbed a pack of 50 tiny silver binder clips for just over $2. At home, I already had a whole jar of silver binder rings which I had purchased as a 100 pack on Amazon a few years ago.

When I got home last night I went to work, clipping all of my folders like this:

And here is the finished result:

I even hung my diffuser plates up. Now I can see all of my embossing folders, and my mind is at ease because they're in a pretty, straight line. This sits next to my Big Shot for easy access.


  1. This just looks SO GOOD. I feel like coining a new term - orgaboner! When its so organized it excites me!!