Two Recommendations

I have two quick things I want to pass along to you guys!

One, is this DELICIOUS recipe I found for Crock Pot Tex-Mex Chicken that Brad and I tried and devoured. Seriously easy and SO GOOD. We served it over rice and had enough leftovers for several meals. It's not my recipe so please click the link to check it out.

Next is a show that Shannon actually recommended to me (and I love her even more than I did before for doing so!). Girlfriends Guide To Divorce. I completely binge watched the first season in 4 nights on Netflix, and I've ordered the season pass for season 2 through Amazon (actually the first show I've had to buy since cutting cable, not bad!). I think they are 8 episodes in on season 2, so I'm pretty sure I'll be caught up by next week!

It is not a family show at all (very adult), it's hilarious, and it's also really touching and emotional. I actually teared up during the season 1 finale. I love the casting and the dialogue. I do not find the story lines predictable either - on multiple occasions I've found myself being surprised by the turn they take.

Anyway, just passing along a couple of my recent favorites for you to try, if they interest you! :)

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