Story Behind The Photo - Bob's Furniture Rant Edition

We were at Cracker Barrel on Friday night. Stopping for a cheap breakfast-for-dinner after an unexpected furniture shopping excursion. Brad and Austin enjoyed some games and coloring as we waited for our food.

You see, two months ago we put a deposit down on a new couch and chair from Bob's Furniture. Two weeks ago I called to pay it off and schedule delivery. And Friday I got a call that, whoops! They'd discontinued the set a month prior and weren't going to be able to deliver it to us this Thursday.

Um, what? So I had a deposit down, which, come to find out, is just a price guarantee and not an item guarantee (huh? how can you guarantee a price on an item without guaranteeing the actual item?). But anyway, CLEARLY there is an order in the system for the couch for us, but you discontinue it and a) not call us to make other arrangements, b) not realize you have a pending order for said couch, and c) don't even tell us this when we give you the rest of our money!

So I asked for a full refund (which has yet to appear on our credit card, but I'm assuming there's a standard 7-10 days for that to happen), and we went out shopping again Friday night.

We thankfully found an even more comfortable, still the same red, sleeper couch at Ashley Furniture, and got some cute patterned chairs to coordinate. It's going to be another four weeks before we can have them but the experience at Ashley was lovely, so here's hoping there are no more issues.

But Bob's? Yeah, I definitely won't buy anything from you guys, ever, considering how crappy the first experience turned out to be. Shame on you!

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