Memory Keeping: 2016 Project Life Jan 11 through Jan 17

More of January to share today.

I used the same mix of products as I did with page 1 (a 3x4 card from the new Project 52 2016 Project Life digital collection, A New Day Papers, labels from the January 2015 Memory Pockets Monthly collection, Folio and from the A New Day Elements). The template used is my own pocket template.

I included a photo of Tyrion sitting on Brad's lap, which is a constant occurrence. Tyrion has decided that Brad is his favorite person, so anytime Brad is at rest, Tyrion is on top of him. The only time T will cuddle up with me is if Brad is nowhere to be found. Traitor!

I also included a piece of Austin's recent artwork. He drew a dog wearing pajamas and I thought that was so cute and unique that it deserved a spot in the album. We went to Fire & Ice to celebrate a couple of family birthdays, so I added some photos and journaling from that day.  And I had to include a photo and note about finding a local Paper Source store with Shannon one evening.

Here's the full two page spread:

I think each spread in my album will look different, but there should be some repeating color schemes. I'm hoping to work in a bunch of cards from the Project 52 2016 edition throughout the book, but I also want to work with other kits and collections.

After a few weeks I'm still finding it a little difficult to get back into the swing of the regular documenting, but it is enjoyable to get these memories into an album even if it does take a little work to get there. Hopefully as the months go on I'll get a little faster at it, like I used to be.

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