Memory Keeping: 2016 Project Life Cover Page

Today I am sharing my 2016 Project Life cover page.

I'm doing digital Project Life this year, after quitting in early 2015 and taking the rest of the year off from documenting. I found I missed recording some of those everyday memories though, so I'm starting again this year. 

Here is my cover page for this year.
For this page, I've used my own digital pocket template, along with the Memory Pockets Monthly CHAPTER main kit, from The Lilypad. I subscribe to the MPM kit monthly, so I will definitely be incorporating many of the kits into my layouts this year.

The colors in the CHAPTER main kit are so bright and vibrant that I wanted to use black and white photos of the three of us in contrast. I didn't want colored photos to compete with the colors in the kit. I used a selfie (self-we?) I'd taken of Brad and I a few months ago, and a photo I'd taken of Austin when we went on our little fall walk.

The kit came with a cute '2016' element. I'd thought about using it as a vellum-style overlay, but decided I'd rather it look like the card was embossed with it. To do this, I used an embossed style from Mommyish, which you can find here.

I thought it would be cute to add a little typed text to the 4x6 card in the bottom left corner. I just used a typewriter font that I had on my Mac. Then I added the little heart element from the kit floating up from the typewriter page.

For the card in the bottom right corner, I wanted to have our last name and a larger 'W' initial. But I wanted the font on the W to match the 'fresh' from the journaling card on the left center. I knew that Amber LaBau designed that card (when you buy the kit, the name of the designer is in each file name), so I went into my stash, pulled up a word art element that Amber had done in a previous kit (specifically, it was from her Metamorphosis Elements add on to the MPM GROW collection), isolated the 'W' and recolored it white. For the tag underneath, I took one of the black tags in the elements from the CHAPTER kit, used the clone tool to make the tag entirely black, and then I dragged my 'W' on top.

I feel that this page achieves what I'm looking for in my 2016 album. It is clean and simple, but still has elements of creativity. It's also bright, fun, and fresh, and I'm excited to see how this project goes this year.

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