DigiScrap Page: Brrrr

Today I'm sharing a page with a few older photos, some of you have probably seen before.

I created this page using the new (last week) Handwritten | Winter stickers and stamps from Amber LaBau, along with her Cooler Days Pocket Cards (an older release). The template is a modified (I added the stitching) version of one of the templates in Amber's Story Grids Vol. 1 pack.

Amber's Handwritten | Winter pack comes as stickers or stamps, meaning with or without the borders. These are perfect for your winter memories, and coordinate with her Handwritten | Fall stickers and stamps.  

I love scrapping older photos, even if I've made pages with them before. Photos are so special to me (as I'm sure they are to you, too), and anytime I get to play with them it makes me happy. I honestly don't mind scrapping the same events multiple times, especially for a particular memory or time that really stands out. This little romantic weekend in North Conway with Brad is one of my very favorite trips with him in all our almost 16 years together. It was perfect and cozy and quiet and I really hope someday I can do that again with him. This particular page is specifically about the day we spent at Nestlenook Farm. I've scrapped our whole weekend at Stonehurst Manor before but not a page about this one activity.

What about you - do you scrap the same event multiple times? Tell me about it in the comments! I need stuff to read! :)

Have a great weekend, peeps. I'll be finishing my week of binge-watching Making A Murderer on Netflix. (If you're not watching already you should be!) Enjoy whatever you are doing!

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