Current Obsession: LuLaRoe Clothing

Don't worry, I'm not a consultant! Just wanted to share my latest obsession, LuLaRoe! I think half of my wardrobe is filled with these clothes now.

My boss is a consultant for this company, and I admit, when I first browsed the clothes online, I wasn't so sure I would be able to find something I would like to buy (but I wanted to support her business). However, the clothes are SO comfortable, and the patterns are so fun, they've given me a new confidence to wear patterns and colors I never would have before. I always was the person who would go to the clearance rack, find something that fit and looked ok, and I was happy enough. But now I am actually excited to wear these clothes! I find myself being even more choosy about non-LuLaRoe brands I buy because I know the kind of excitement I can feel for an article of clothing.

Besides comfort, I love how versatile these items are. The Julia dress above, for example, can also be worn as a shirt. (Tuck into jeans or just bunch/fold around your waist). Example:

This photo shows the floral Julia as a dress and a shirt. It also shows a Maxi skirt worn as both a skirt or a strapless dress. Here's another Maxi shown both ways:

The prices are reasonable as well. The most I've paid for any item was $60 for a dress (that can also be used as a skirt if you layer a sweater over it). I've found that most of their clothing has multiple uses (a Cassie skirt can be a skirt, a top, or even a scarf).

In this collage, the orange/black/blue top (under the orange sweater) is a Cassie skirt. I used the Nicole dress in the bottom right corner for my work holiday party, adding a shiny belt. The Randy tops (bottom left corner) are a huge favorite of mine - I'm up to four of those.

By far my favorite item LuLaRoe carries though are the leggings. There are so many different patterns and colors and they are so comfortable it feels like you're wearing pajamas. I am up to 13 pairs right now (which...I know I shouldn't be proud of but they're just so fun!)

Anyway, I realize this is a bit of a random post but I just LOVE my new clothes and I wanted to shout about it to the world, because everyone should check them out! You do have to buy through a consultant and I believe all sales are through Facebook groups and parties, but the process of ordering in my experience has been very easy and items are shipped quickly.


  1. What size julia are you wearing?

    1. Those are large Julias. But I can wear a medium as well, it is just more form fitted.