Project Life 2016 Plans?

I found myself drooling over the idea of a crisp, new Project Life core kit last week. It's the almost-New-Year's bug. I recalled how excited I was to get a new album and kit in past years and then I realized, I kind of missed Project Life/pocket scrapping on a regular basis. It's been nearly a year since I up and quit doing Project Life, and maybe that was the break I needed. I mean, I still do my creative team pages in pocket form, but I missed scrapping the miscellaneous stuff. I'm not talking about the food I ate or what I wore, but the everyday, unthemed moments with Austin.

I think I also missed having a specific project. I work very well when I have a goal in mind. When I'm making pages for my creative team assignments, I love the challenge of working with a specific kit. But when left to my own to make pages whenever I feel like it...I find I just don't feel like it. 

First, I do want to go back and scrap 2015, at some point, but for now I'm going to start 2016 fresh. I also think I'd like to get back on the weekly approach, because that will keep me on track. But I'd like an unstructured format. I'd like to work on Project Life weekly, but not limit myself to keeping to 1 or 2 pages per week. Rather I'd like to use whatever space is necessary. If there are no photos one week, then so be it. I do NOT want to fall into the whole "use a random photo of my laundry" because I need to fill a space.

And I think in the end I'm sticking with digital. While I still get so happy touching the plastic pockets in my older albums, I just can't deal with the space requirements (and printing requirements) that going the physical route takes. I don't want more huge, heavy 12x12 albums, and after many attempts at smaller albums, I just don't find that I like the pocket arrangements. I don't want to buy more physical projects, because my stash is large enough as it is, especially when I'm primarily a card maker now. And I hate all the time I spend planning where to stick embellishments when I scrap in physical form. It just seems easier in digital. Plus I have a lot more versatility with templates, digital embellishments, fonts, etc. I am not planning on continuing that all white/simple format I was doing the later half of 2014. I want to play. :)

I do have every intention of using that Southern Weddings edition kit I picked up months ago and doing a physical wedding album though, so that should hopefully satisfy me in the physical regard.
So, how about you guys. What are your plans (if any) for 2016 and Project Life? Or if you have any other thoughts or suggestions for me, I'd love to hear them!

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  1. I'm struggling with this as well, only I'm at a very distinct disadvantage from you. I do not know how to do any of the more sophisticated digital scrapbooking for PL or otherwise. I do have the apps on my phone and iPad, but haven't really used them yet. I've already fallen into the rut of "buying everything I love" in digital format (the app kits) but still haven't used them.
    I also have some wonderful digital freebies and paid digital files on my iMac that I'd like to learn how to use, either on the photos themselves (pre-printing) or as I learn how to digitally scrap.

    I think the bottom line is deciding 1. If I'm going to ever use the gazillions of dollars worth of 'real stuff' I have or if 2. I would actually complete more pages if I just switched to digital scrapbooking and called it good (once I learned more, of course!).