Guys, I made a goal to read more this year and I totally blew away my own expectations. I have two books left to read to get to a nice even 100. And I'm so going to get there. I didn't go into this at all expecting to read more than a couple dozen books, but once I started reading I couldn't stop. And coming so close to 100 I just decided to go for it.

Goodreads has a nifty little feature right now showing off all the books you read in 2015, so even though I still have two more to go, I thought I'd share the ones I've read so far with you all. And yes, I do count short novellas as books.

I would say in my opinion, my biggest waste of time was the After series (the first four books), even though I still feel like I'm going to have to read the 5th book as well. So many pages spent reading two people fight, break up, get back together, fight, and break up again, all to have the "epilogue" be a super short happy little wrap up. I felt the ending deserved more of the author's time. But hey, I kept reading on and on, so I guess she did something right. Favorite series is hard to pick, but I think it might be the Slow Burn series from Maya Banks, though that may just be because it's fresh in my mind. I also really loved the Losing It series from Cora Carmack.

On to the last two books and on to a new year of reading!

Edit - I noticed two things with the pictures above. The Out of Line boxed set image should be removed, and Tame Me from J. Kenner should be added. Still at 98 :)


  1. thanks for posting this, Melissa! I hadn't noticed it on GoodReads.
    I'm at 89 books right now.

  2. I have always been a 'secret reader' (meaning too chicken to put out there that I read the Sylvia Day Crossfire series and Maya Banks) but seeing your post has given me courage to make a NY resolution to actually use Good Reads this year! We like almost the exact same authors/types of books! I have lots of recommendations if you ever want or need them!!!