2016 Blog Plans

 (Actually me working, not blogging, but, eh, it works)

I've been thinking about next year and this blog. I had every intention of "reviving" this blog in 2015 and while there are several months filled with posts, there are more that just were lacking. A lot. I had a lot going on in my personal life this year for various reasons that I don't want to get into here, and the blog took a backseat.

But I still enjoy updating here, sharing photos, crafty projects, and scrapbook pages. So with a little help from my BFF, I have come up with a bit of a posting schedule for next year. I am not going to say that I'll be perfect, because that's just setting myself up for failure. But this is my intended goal. Here's what you can (for the most part) expect from this blog next year:

Mondays - A new regular feature, called "Inspiration to Creation." (This is Shannon's idea, based on the "Card Making From A Sketch" series I did a few weeks ago). I will feature a card or scrapbook layout or project I made and where I drew inspiration from. This will primarily feature cards based on sketches or other cards, but I will mix in other projects too.

Wednesdays - Memory Keeping. This will likely be a weekly Project Life layout share, but I will be mixing in other scrapbook layouts and long term scrapbooking projects.

Fridays - Digi-scrap page(s) of the week. I think this speaks for itself.

Every other Tuesday - Life updates/currently/around here or a new feature, "Story Behind The Photo." I plan to share a photo and explain what's going on in the picture, or the story of that event/moment. This could be recent photos or an older photo. I love the idea of pulling a photo from my stash of old prints and talking about what was happening.

Every other Thursday - (alternating weeks from the Tuesday posts) - Reserved for what doesn't fit elsewhere. Organizational tips, PSE tips and tricks, new products I love, books I've read recently, photo sharing or vacation recaps. Basically anything goes here.

15th of each month - A new freebie of the month. Digi templates, brush sets, journal cards, etc. I used to really enjoy making these for you all, so I want to bring that back on a regular basis.

I'm hoping having a planned routine will really help get me back on track here and back to why I love blogging. 

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