Minuteman National Historical Park and Fall Photos

I adore the colors of fall in New England. Last weekend I so badly wanted to get out to see the foliage, but the idea of a long drive to the mountains or western Massachusetts was not very appealing to either myself or Brad.

After some internet searching, I found a place we could visit nearby that neither of us had ever been to - the Minuteman National Historical Park. I knew this would be perfect for us. For one, the weather was predicted to be quite beautiful. Two, it was a trail full of history, which I knew Brad would love, and three, it was supposed to be absolutely gorgeous in the fall. So Saturday morning we packed a picnic lunch and headed out. We started at the Visitor's Center, where we happened up on this lovely little pond:

After a stop in the Visitor's Center we started out on the Battle Road trail.

The Battle Road trail is approximately 5 miles long, so we opted to do about half of it. Our turn around and picnic lunch point was Hartwell Tavern. 

You can go inside this building and all around the grounds. We stopped in the backyard and had our lunch and I took some photos of Austin collecting leaves and checking out the wood fence surrounding the yard.

We stopped at each of the historical markers along the way, reading the signs and remembering history we'd been taught in school years and years ago, but is so easily forgotten as we grow older.

Along the way, I wanted to get some fall shots of Austin, so we stopped in one of the fields with a gorgeous brightly colored tree behind us:

Austin even took one of us with Brad's iPhone :)

After we made it back to our car, we did drive a short distance away to Concord and stopped at the  North Bridge.

The trail is so long that we weren't able to do the second half, so we plan to go back (likely next fall) and do the rest. There are some gorgeous spots along that half of the trail as well, from what I could tell as we drove to North Bridge.

I got a chance to make a digi page about our day with a few of my favorite images and some new releases from Amber LaBau Designs. I used her Cottage papers and one of the Story Grids Vol. 7 templates, along with elements from some of her older fall collections to make my page:


It just amazed me that we've never been here, and it is so close by. New England really is full of history, but when you grow up here, you just seem to forget how special it is to be able to see these places. People come here from all over to see these sights that we kind of take for granted. It was really nice to get out and experience the park, and I am eager to return.


  1. What a lovely day, and the pictures are gorgeous!!! My husband and I are taking a New England Road Trip next fall and this is exactly the kind of place I want to visit.

    1. Awesome, I hope you get to see some amazing sights and colors! :)