Back from vacay - a bit of a life update

I just got back from heaven. No, seriously, I'm home from the most perfect vacation I think I've ever taken. It may actually top my wedding/honeymoon trip.

We had twelve glorious days spent at both Disney World and on the Disney Fantasy, and nothing went wrong. Austin had zero meltdowns (though we did have some four-year-old attitude, but much easier to handle). The weather wasn't 100% perfect but when it wasn't, it had no effect on us.

I do have a big photo post planned soon, but as soon as I got home, I got thrown so deep into work I haven't been able to do, well, anything else.

You see, my tiny little company of 70 US employees (and I think between 100-200 India employees) was just purchased by a 25,000 employee company. I'm in accounting, and right now, am almost THE accounting department. My immediate boss is on maternity leave (she had her baby the day after we left for vacation), and so it's me, and the VP of Finance. We're no longer known by my former company's name, but rather the new company. So everything has to change - our accounting system had to be duplicated, our purchase orders and invoices all have to change to the new company. IT is having major issues getting everything functioning and the same goes for the HR department. It has been nothing short of a nightmare and it's far from settling down. It's stressful, to say the absolute least. I've worked late almost every night since getting back, as well as over the weekends (I actually even worked for 10 hours this past Sunday). I don't know the certainty of my job past maybe a year or so, seeing as there is a corporate accounting group, so that's also weighing on our minds. We'll be fine if I lose my job for at least short term, but the unknown is scary.

But I definitely would like to make an album for this trip. I'm thinking, since I never did much at all with my mini album I'd started for last year's cruise, putting both trips into one 12x12 pocket/Project Life album. I already have a Disney album but it's fairly full with our previous trips, so I thought I'd start one for the cruise vacations.

I do plan for that photo recap post as I mentioned above. I'd like to tell you guys all about the Disney cruises and how much we loved the 7 night cruise much more than the 4 night. I'm hoping I might get time this weekend to upload all my photos to my computer and get them posted for you guys.

I miss crafting. I have been seeing all these gorgeous cards on my Instagram feed and I am itching to get back into my craft room (which looks a bit like a storm hit it) and makes something. Once all this work business dies down.

I'm still reading - up to 81 books.

I found a new podcast over vacation that I am totally hooked on. It's incredibly dirty, so be warned. It's this one here. But it is pretty hilarious to listen to and it got me through the airplane and bus rides during vacation. (It did feel just a tiny bit wrong to be listening to it while at Disney, but hey).

We saw The Martian last Friday night. It was very good. I haven't read the book, but Matt Damon seemed to be perfect for the role. I definitely recommend this one.

Oh! And because I didn't get to post it here - before we left for vacation, I made it to my goal weight! Finally! Of course I'm back up about 3 pounds due to the never-ending vacation food, but I'm ok with that. I am so proud of myself for working so hard this past summer and making my goal. :) It's about damn time!

Ok, that's it for the update. I'm sorry for the incredible lack of content here right now. All I can say is that I hope I'll have more time over the weekends soon to get you guys some good stuff to read. Thanks again for hanging in there with me!


  1. Congrats on reaching your goal weight! Nice that you got your vacation in before the big work change but sounds like you might need another one after it all washes out!

    1. Thanks! And yes I am already feeling like "did I have a vacation? I think I did..." So busy!