What I Do With My Digital Scrapbook Pages

I've amassed over 80 digiscrap pages since I joined the Bee Tree Studios and Amber LaBau creative teams. That is crazy!

But what should I do with all those pages? Sure, there are my online galleries. But what about when I want to show Austin those pages? I'm not going to flip through them online, or on a device. And I definitely do not want to print 12x12 layouts and create numerous heavy albums.

So I make 8x8 Shutterfly books. And I do them whenever I receive a free code, or sometimes if I find a $10 Groupon code. This makes getting them in digital form incredibly cheap. Usually I'm just paying for shipping (which, unfortunately on Shutterfly, IS kind of high). I found a few years ago I would receive free photo book codes but I never had time to set one up to print. Using the codes towards printing my digiscrap layouts that are already finished is so easy.

I just chose the digiscrap template photo book, but searched around for a cover template so that I could change up my cover photos with each volume.

I'm up to four volumes now! Here's a look at the first one I made.

What I do is make a copy of the book, remove the photos, and add in new ones. I keep the same cover, just switching out the 3 photos on the front to the new ones, and changing the volume number. This makes the process super simple.

I do add a white border around all of my pages using a very simple template I set up in PSE. (Basically it's a 13x13 white background with a 12x12 clipping mask, and I just drag in my large 12x12 layout, flatten, and save for uploading to Shutterfly). I do this because I don't want to risk any sides being cut off of the page, and also I just really enjoy a clean white border around them.

Now I can enjoy flipping through my digital layouts, as I do with my physical ones, but not take up a ton of room on my shelves with scrapbook binders of printed layouts.

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