Fall Paper Wreath

I worked on a project last night that I absolutely love and couldn't wait to share it with you guys.

Lately, I'd been inspired by a few paper wreaths I've found on Pinterest. Specifically, this one from The Paper Engineer, this one from Ain't She Crafty, and this one from The Stamp Doc. I knew something like this would look so nice on the back of our front door, but I wanted to change it up a little bit. The others all have the trendy banner flag ends, and while I do like that look, I wanted mine a little...softer.

I picked up a 16" white foam wreath form at Michaels. I didn't realize that the wreaths used in all of my examples were smaller, so next time I will get something smaller. However I worked with what I bought. It's a larger wreath than intended but I think it looks so cute anyway.

I have a fall paper pack from DCWV that I've had for several years, so I took sheets of paper from that and cut them into the usual 1.5"x12" strips. Next, I ran one end of each strip of paper through my Big Shot with a die from the Memory Box Stitched Heart die set. I only stuck the very end through, so that only part of the die actually cut the paper:

I ran each strip through my 5" Xyron after that, and folded them around the wreath, matching up the ends. Obviously the opposite end of the strip is square, so once I had my ends together, securely around the wreath, I took my craft knife to slice the excess away on the other end. (I use this Martha Stewart one - I've had several but this one just feels nice in my hand and so far has stayed super sharp). Doing it this was worked better, for me, than either folding the ends together to run through the Big Shot or trying to cut each end separately yet have them match up perfectly. This is what the ends now look like:

Once I had all my strips of paper wrapped around my wreath (I ended up using 34 strips total for the 16" wreath), I wanted to add the word 'fall' to the wreath. I opted to use paper medallions, which I made using 2.5"x12" strips of paper, scored and folded using my Martha Stewart full size score board. I didn't want to bring out my hot glue gun, so these took a bit of patience as I secured them with punched circles of card stock and large heavy duty glue dots. They're still not perfect but they seem to be holding up.

I used my Silhouette portrait to cut letters, and added them to the front of the medallions, which I then secured to the wreath using more glue dots.

Here is my finished wreath. I just used some ribbon from Stampin' Up! that happened to match the paper the letters were cut from and hooked it onto the Command hook that was already on the back of my door.

(Sorry for the dark lighting - it's the inside of my hallway and the only windows are beside the door so it's a little tough to get a bright photo).

This took quite some time, mostly because of the size of the wreath, my insistence on fancier ends to the paper, and the medallions, but I love the result. I think I'm going to make one for Christmas and then possibly one that could hang the spring/summer months too.

This really wasn't a hard project, just a little time consuming, but it makes a really bold bright statement in our front hallway.