Resolution Check In/Fess Up Time

Remember my 2015 resolution post? Well, it's truth time.

More Time With Austin - I'd said I needed to turn off devices and do a project or play a game with him. I've not been perfect, but I have made more of an effort to stop and play a game with him, even if I'm exhausted after work or need to be doing something else. If he asks to play a certain game and I'm just not up for it, I suggest another activity we could do together. I'm trying. I could definitely be better. 

More focus on the blog - Big. Fat. Fail. I won't even say I tried. I didn't. I just lost my blogging mojo and am really struggling with keeping it going. Heck between June and July I only managed 7 posts. I suck. You guys deserve major credit if you're still hanging in there. Hey, I've got 12 posts now for August. That's gotta count for something, right?

Get to my goal weight - three pounds away! This one I think I might actually reach! I'm down 12.5 pounds (and Brad is down almost 20!), so I am pretty darn proud of myself here.

One goal that was not part of that initial post but that I set for myself through Instagram was to read more books. I can safely say I NAILED IT here. I've read 74 books to date in 2015. Considering I think I read, like, 3, in 2014...yeah, I'm good. At this point I'm hoping to make it a nice even 100 books for the year. But even if I don't make that, I'm completely satisfied with how much I've read this year. I've revived my childhood love of reading and that makes me insanely happy.

So there's my resolution check in. How are you all progressing on yours? Fess up in the comments!


  1. My own resolution for more blogging this year...pretty much has the same status as yours (but I have even less blog posts...sigh). This is the second year of weekly family dinner & game night and the grandkiddos are loving being able to choose one of their games which we play first, and then the adults can play something else...supervised by the littles, but not interrupted...WIN. And I started up my reading again this year because of YOUR resolution. I had a stroke a couple of years ago and my right hand/arm would ache when I held a book, but I've been slowly getting better and missed my real books - hence your resolution was a much needed push for me. I listen to books on tape during my 2 hour daily commute so I was at least listening to fiction. I've been doing a LOT of reading this year. My mom is purging her library, her sister's library, and her other sister's library so I'll get a couple of photo boxes of paperback books a week (anywhere from 25 to 40 books). I read what I want, keep what I want, and send the rest to my sister. She reads/keeps and then takes the remainder to a local used bookstore for store credit. When my mom comes to visit her, they go the used bookstore and it starts all over again. I'm a speed reader AND a binge reader, so I'll usually read 2-3 paperbacks or 1 hardcover a night after work, and up to 10 PBs or 3 HCs on the weekend.

    1. That is awesome! And I feel audiobooks count as reading. To me reading a book isn't so much about the activity of reading as it is being engrossed in words one has written, rather than playing games on your phone or spacing out in front of the TV for hours, if that makes sense? And that's awesome to get books passed down from your mom/aunt. My grandmother and uncle were/are avid readers but my interests aren't usually the same as theirs so it's hard to share books.