Quick Book Recommendation

Just a quick post today. I am up to 70 books read in 2015 guys! That is CRAZY. Last year I am pretty sure the only books I read were the Fifty Shades books.

Anyway, I very recently read the Losing It series of books from Cora Carmack. These are Romance books, but not Erotica (despite what you might think from the cover). At least, I don't think they'd be considered in that genre. They contain very little adult scenes, but they are steamy. It's a lot of character background and relationship build-up. They're witty, and the characters are very easy to fall in love with. The women seem strong and independent, and the men aren't the usual controlling billionaires in most of the books I read.

I couldn't put these books down - I read all three main books and the two novellas in a five day period. Just wanted to pass this along for any readers out there looking for a fun, steamy series to read.

Oh, and if you're not already on Goodreads and you're a reader, you should be! This is a great little free site (and app) to track your books - those you want to read, and those you've read. Oh! And if you're a reader and haven't already checked out Bookbub, that's another one you should be on. They'll email you every day with the day's e-book deals. I've saved quite a bit of money on some of the books I have sitting in my Kindle wish list, because I was alerted to when they went on sale. And I've downloaded several dozen freebies or 99 cent books as well. Make sure you check out both of these sites if you love to read and haven't yet!

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