Embossing Folder Organization Update

Sometimes when I'm lacking some creative mojo, I choose to organize. It feels productive and crafty but it doesn't require any design skills.

My embossing folders have been bugging me for awhile. I used to organize mine in an Iris container (see this post for details) but have since moved my folders to a drawer in one of the Michaels storage units. I wanted an easy way to see which folders I have, both while I'm working at home and while I'm out shopping. I used to use the ring with small examples of the folder, but I found with some of the larger patterns the smaller shape wasn't capturing the entire image.

My solution was to use a $1 photo album from Dollar Tree.

I chopped up some chipboard for the front and back covers to add some stiffness to the album. On the front I also added a sheet of patterned paper and a simple label.

Inside, I used 4x6 sheets of spare card stock (I have a lot of purple) and ran each folder through my Big Shot. Then I labeled the bottom of each sheet with the brand and name of the folder, if I had it.

In my drawer the folders are (mostly) labeled. I have the album sitting in front of the folders, the folders organized (mostly) by type, following the order of the album, and then behind those I have my diffusers.

Now, for an easy on-the-go index of what I own, so I don't double buy, I uploaded images of each folder to an Evernote notebook. (I just googled each folder to find an image to use, rather than photographing each separate folder).

I can see what I have on my phone, and add new ones as I purchase them. So easy!

So that's my updated embossing folder storage. Hope you like! Feel free to share how you organize your folders in the comments!

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