Vacation Photo Book Pages

I had a free code from Shutterfly for a photo book, so I thought I would quickly whip up a book from the trip, so that at least the trip was documented. I definitely want to go back and do some individual layouts but until I have time for that, I'm happy with a photo book.

I didn't want to use the standard Shutterfly themed pages, so instead I went with the A Story Captured Vol. 5 template pack from Anita Designs, along with papers from an older collab from Pixels & Co., Bermuda Triangle. In the end it took me three nights to get it all together but I'm happy with the results. I put in lots of photos, and then one big wordy text box to tell the main events of the day/portion of the trip.

Here are my pages. (You can click on them to view larger-didn't want to overwhelm the blog post with huge images).

Front cover and the airport/flight out to Las Vegas:
First day in Vegas:
Second day in Vegas:
 Day three in Vegas, drive to California:
Goofy's Kitchen:
Our hotel, and the start of Disneyland:
 California Adventure:
 California Adventure, and back to Vegas:
 Flight home:
All photos on the trip were taken with my iPhone 6. I debated whether to bring my DSLR (even took a poll in Instagram), but in the end I thought the freedom of not having to carry it around with me was worth more than a few really great photos. In all honesty I captured way more things that I would have, had I had to whip out my camera. And lugging it around in the heat (Vegas was 110!) would have just I've done it both ways, and I think theme park trips are fine with just my iPhone. I will definitely bring my big girl camera on the cruise, or for any "scenic" types of vacations (like the mountains or the beach).


  1. This looks incredible. I can't believe you put this together so quickly. And seriously, these pictures came out phenomenal. I'm glad you didn't regret bringing your camera, this seemed to work perfectly!

    1. I know there were even times where I got pictures I would not have with my big camera - like in the pool. I can slip my phone into a waterproof case easily. Not so easy with a big DSLR. :) The only time I semi-missed the camera was for the photo inside of the Wynn. It didn't come out all that great but it served it's purpose :)