Newest Obsession: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish

Guys, I'm in love. With a line of nail polish.

About 6 weeks ago now I tried out the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel no light polish, and I am hooked. It's a polish and top coat system, no base coat. This stuff doesn't last two weeks as it claims, but it does last a good full week for me with only minor chipping/edge wear. I can go three full days without a single chip, where all my other polishes have always had a chip by day two if not the first day. So now I can do my nails over the weekend and I can go all week and not have hideously chipped nails on Fridays. Plus it removes easy with regular nail polish.

Here are the ones I've tried so far. I started with the pink, which came with the top coat in a two pack (top left below).  I've forgotten the name of the pink, but the others are Combusteable, Creme de la Creme (which I don't like much), Grey Matters, Red Eye, and Game of Chromes. Grey Matters is my top fave.

Here's the pink when it first chipped after day four. You can see the rest of my nails still look great.

And the other night I picked up three more colors. Street Flair, Tidal Wave and Purplexed, I believe. (Don't have the bottles with me right now).

I've found the best price for these is Target, at $7.99 a bottle (in MA anyway). You can also get this price on their website. The three in the photo above I got at CVS. Right now they're doing a $5 Extra Bucks coupon when you buy two bottles, so I bought two, and then used the coupon on the third bottle, so each bottle was just over $8 each.

I have read that if you use the top coat over regular nail polish it should make that polish last a bit longer as well, but I have yet to try this. However I am definitely working on switching over my nail polish collection to this stuff. Why go back to daily chipping when I can get away with this for a full week? Also, it seems to have strengthened my nails quite a bit. I'm not splitting my nails like I was before I started using this polish. Perhaps because it lasts longer around the tips, I'm not sure.

Have you guys tried the Miracle Gel polish? What were your results? I have seen more people like it than not, but I did see a few people didn't care for it, so I'm curious. If you didn't like it, why not?


  1. Have you ever tried Jamberry nail wraps? I'd love to send you a sample! Maybe even do a giveaway for your readers!

    1. No but I'm not really interested in them to be honest. Polish is easier for me than the steps I saw to have to put the wraps on. A bunch of people I know are consultants and have offered but they're just not for me. But thank you for the offer!

  2. I've heard good things about the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel.
    I like the CND Vinylux a lot. Same kind of idea as the Sally Hansen. No base coat. UV cured top coat.

    I have used the Vinylux top coat over regular polish and Orly Bonder base coat and the polish lasted over a week that way too. So you might not have to get rid of your regular polishes if there's a color that you really love!

    1. Thanks!!! Yeah my boss uses the Vinylux at her salon. I do like not having to use a light to cure the Sally polish though. It seems to dry pretty fast as well. Not quite as fast as the Seche Vite topcoat I use over regular polish but fast enough. I tend to do my nails during a tv show and by the end of the show they're touchable.

    2. Vinylux doesn't use a light to cure/dry- just natural light. That's what I love about it.
      It is nice not having to use a base coat too. I haven't used any dark colors of Vinylux so I don't know if it would stain w/out a base.
      Nothing dries as fast and shiny as Seche Vite though, huh?

    3. Oh. That's odd. I'm pretty sure when she has them done at the salon she uses the UV coat, but maybe I'm mistaken...

      I know I love Seche Vite!