CutterPillar Crop Unboxing Video

A package showed up on my doorstep today, and I had no clue what it was. When I opened it, I found my very own CutterPillar Crop! I hadn't expected it because I didn't receive a shipping notice, so this was a really great surprise. I had backed the KickStarter campaign but there have been massive production delays, and I didn't think I was included in the first round of people to get their Crop.

Since I am one of the first people to receive it I thought it would be fun to do an unboxing video to show you the Crop. A warning, I really hate how I sound on videos. I find myself stumbling for words a lot. So, ignore my speaking and just watch for a look at the Crop.


  1. You sound wonderful, no worries at all! The light is very bright isn't it? I received mine last week also very unexpected, no shipping or tracking notice at all. I also have the large one and on that one you can hardly notice the lights. Not useful at all. I really struggle with the large one to get a straight line, I have no idea why. When I purchased the big one I immediately backed the smaller one on Kickstarter. After I failed to get good cuts from the big one I really regretted backing the project.
    We'll see how it works out, maybe this one will work better.

    One thing I did notice I that I have to stand up to cut, sitting down I don't have a really good view and can not reach the slice thingy properly which is a problem for me because I use a wheelchair.
    I might have to buy a cutter that is flat on my desk and does not have legs. If so I will sell both my Cutterpillars.

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  3. Way back when...13 months ago I read your post on this and backed it as well. My very first Kickstarter project. I had given up on ever getting it with all the delays. Well I received mine today as well, what a surprise! I truly needed a new trimmer. So I am in the process of learning all of it's little ins and outs. As long as it always cuts straight I will be happy.The video was good and thank you for sharing this all those months ago! Now I am off to complete my daughter's Graduation Announcements!