Stamp Storage Update-Clear & Cling Stamps

Just wanted to share with you an update to how I'm storing my clear and cling stamps, along with a tip.

After I received a stamp set from Studiol2e in a clear stamp pocket, I gave in to the trend (edited to add that while a ton of people use these pockets, I have seen it the most from Jennifer McGuire - so please go check her blog and YouTube as she's the best at this!) and got the Avery Elle Stamp Storage Pockets. I got mine from Amazon, where I found them to be the cheapest with free Prime shipping.

For smaller stamp sets, I used these Memorex CD sleeves, which I've had around for quite awhile.  I had been storing some stamps in them, and then some dies in them, but I wasn't really consistent, and not all stamps and dies fit, of course.

I cut some inexpensive white card stock down to just slightly smaller than the pockets (I get mine at Kmart, the Georgia Pacific 110# weight). And I added labels with my label maker, then slid the stamp set into the pocket. Super easy.

I even put my Stampin' Up! cling stamps in them, and just trimmed the cover insert to fit the pocket:

Next I needed dividers to separate types of stamps. I had looked into plastic file folders, but I'm picky and wanted white and couldn't find them on Amazon. Then I saw these DVD dividers, but they're a bit pricey. And then I had an "a-ha!" moment. My mom uses comic book backers in some of her doll outfit packaging. I found a pack of 100 of these comic book backers on Amazon, for less than $9 (actually $7.99 right now), with free Prime shipping.

I have a heavy duty trimmer, which I've had for years and appears to never need sharpening, no matter how much thick card stock, plastic, wood, and other heavy materials I've chopped through. I actually was lucky enough to find a brand new one of these for $8 at the flea market that I am keeping as a backup, but I have yet to need it. With this trimmer I easily cut down the comic backers to 8" x 5.5" to use as dividers. This leaves them taller than the Avery Elle pockets so I could add a label. I just rounded the corners with the WRMK Yellow Corner Chomper and added a label:

For my larger stamp sets, which are taller than the Avery Elle sleeves, I ended up using 6"x13" ziplock bags which I added card stock to, and trimmed down to 8.5" tall. I only have a handful of sets this tall so for now that works for me. They're not as nice as the AE sleeves but it does the job of allowing everything to look uniform.


  1. I'd love to see a list of the categories you divide your sets into. I'm struggling quite a bit with making this decision for myself. Thanks for all your good suggestions!

    1. Hey there-i can't list them all because I have too many but things like animals, flowers, party, winter, each holiday. Some of them you can see in the photo.

  2. Hi. Came across your post. Can you show me how the stampin up clear stamps look like stored in these envelopes? Without something to stick to? The clear ones with rubber - not the polymer. Thanks!

    1. Hi there. I just put them loose into the envelope just like all of the other stamp sets.