Austin's 4 Year Old Photos!

My little guy is turning FOUR this weekend, and I wanted to take a few photos to mark the new year.  The unfortunate part about having a March birthday in New England is the weather (and scenery) in March isn't at all appropriate for an outdoor photo shoot. So photos must be taken indoors! I set about making my own photo shoot backdrop.

First - super inexpensive peel & stick flooring (98 cents per 4"x3' section at Lowes), adhered to one of those large 4' x 3' poster boards).

Second - a backdrop frame made from PVC pipe.

Third - hand punched circle garlands. This took forever (and I punched way too many circles) but since I already had all the supplies, it didn't cost me anything. The white paper behind it came on a giant roll I got with a coupon at Hobby Lobby, in the art section.

I'm pleased with how the photos turned out:

 This idea was found on Pinterest. I totally can't take credit for how awesome an idea this is!

Can't believe how fast time has flown. It feels like just yesterday that we took him home from the hospital. Time needs to slow down!


  1. Pictures turned out great; such a cute little boy you have! Enjoy him -- time does fly!

  2. Ummppphh these pictures!
    I mean, I know that any photo of him would be adorable, but you're really mastered that camera!
    The backdrop looks awesome, his clothes, his hair! Everything is perfect :-)

  3. These turned out beautifully! I really need to go get some of that flooring.