Review: Fifty Shades of Grey (movie)

I'm not a movie critic. I just want to be entertained. I don't need deep plots or intelligent dialogue, so take this review however you like.

I LOVED this movie. Loved it loved it loved it. And there are so many haters out there who started giving it crap reviews before it even came out based on what they THINK the premise is, that I felt it necessary to post my thoughts.

I held off reading the books until sometime last year, so long after the initial craze. But oh my gosh, did I become obsessed with the books. I read them all in one weekend, on my Kindle, borrowed from my local library, and then went and bought the paperbacks just so I could read them again and again. It wasn't about the dirty stuff, for me, it was the love story between Ana and Christian. I am a bit of a romantic and I couldn't get enough. I bookmarked my favorite scenes (like the intense car chase in book 3).

So I eagerly awaited this movie, and bought my advanced tickets for last night as soon as they became available. I went into the movie knowing that it would be hard to portray the intensity of the book on screen, and hoping I just would be entertained.

I sat through the first hour of the movie with a stupid smile on my face, simply happy to just see the characters come to life. I thought both Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan were wonderful. They are exactly how I had pictured Ana and Christian in the books. I know some people aren't so keen on Jamie, but I thought he was the perfect Christian. I did find the casting of Taylor and Elliot to be a bit off. Taylor I always pictured a little smoother, a little friendlier looking, and Elliot was wilder than I thought he would be. I thought the soundtrack was perfect. I thought it was very well filmed (also a comment mentioned by my husband). I even was satisfied with the ending. The book doesn't end on a happy note, and I was concerned we'd be walking out of the theater all depressed. They ended it in such a way that it just sets up for the sequel, without making you feel cheated.

Without spoiling the movie, I do want to make a few comments. The movie did switch up a few scenes, timing-wise. There were many scenes left out, but the movie is over 2 hours already. The scenes missing I don't feel took anything away from the story and leaving them out, though I noticed because I know the books so well, was appropriate. The volume of sex is, of course, drastically reduced in the movie (because, duh), but I will say that the scenes they did include were a lot was almost like watching soft-core porn. That's really all I can say without getting too graphic.

Just to give a non-reader's opinion - my husband walked out of the theater, and I asked him if he liked it, because I'd heard him chuckling throughout the movie (there are quite a lot of little bits of humor in it) and he turned to me and said "that was actually a great story." He thought the beginning was rushed (but it's rushed in the books, too) but he enjoyed the story between the characters, and even agreed to watch the movie again when I get it on DVD.

Anyway, I really just wanted to shout about how much I loved this, as a huge fan of the books. I cannot wait for the release of the sequels (which are rumored to be happening).

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  1. I look forward to the mixed reviews on this movie. I read the books when they first came out and was not too impressed... I doubt I will watch the movie.