Life Update

I feel like it's been awhile since I've had much to say here...
Life has been a little crazy lately. I am taking on a new role at my company, in addition to my current job (which really has over time combined functions from several other individuals as well), and I've been working long days and nights and weekends for the past few weeks. I haven't had much time at all for crafting, especially with the holiday season.

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Most recently, we've been doing holiday stuff, like decorating our tree:

Our traditional 25 days of books leading to Christmas:

And attending my company holiday party:

Anyway, I'm itching for some crafty time soon, so hopefully I will have some projects to share with you. I've also decided to go back to paper Project Life for 2015 after doing 2014 digitally, so I'll be sharing pages with you next year. I'll still be digi-scrapping, because I LOVE it so much. But I miss those pocket pages! Still deciding on weekly vs. monthly vs. chronologically. If I do go weekly, I'll probably limit it to 1 page per week instead of 2. I'm hoping to fit more than 1 year in a binder that way.

Austin's continuing to grow way too fast for my liking. He can write now, and spell 8 different words, plus we're working on that swapping the first letter of the word thing to make new ones...

Of course everyone thinks their kid is a genius. But really... he's a 3 and 3/4 year old genius! :) (Totally kidding-I know he's on par with the other kids in his daycare class).

I hosted Thanksgiving for my family and decorated our mantel (for approximately 1 week before I took them down to put up the Christmas decorations):

I finished all of my Christmas shopping on December 7! New record for me. I still need to wrap everything, of course, but I'm done shopping, and that makes me feel very happy.

That's most of what's been going on. Hopefully I can get on here soon with some crafty things! Hope all of you are doing well!

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