Amazon Prime Photos - Free Unlimited Photo Storage

Amazon just announced something that makes my heart happy:

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a freak about photo backup. In fact, here's my crazy post about how I'm currently backing up photos.

I'm super excited to have another cloud based option, and free to me with my Amazon Prime membership.

I already loved Amazon Prime for their shipping benefits, streaming movies, and Kindle library. And I love their Prime music app for my iPhone. This is a huge added bonus to me.

So if you haven't already signed up for Amazon Prime, but want to take advantage of their new free unlimited photo storage, click here to sign up!


  1. thank you for sharing this! i am so excited to take advantage of this!

  2. I almost also jumped on the ship until it popped into my mind that other free cloud services such as Google Drive change the resolution of your photos to a standard size which they claim is great for sharing online. You can however upload and backup at full resolution but than it's no longer free and
    counts towards your allocation. A lot of people do not know this because standard is set a default and late discover that they do have their photos backupped but at a low resolution which makes them worthless for a decent print.

    So I chatted with Amazon customer rep who could not give me an answer and notified support from digital services to drop me an email, which they did the flowing morning and he also didn't have the answer and was going find out and would contact me as soon as he got the answer. That is 2 days ago and I have not heard back yet so I sit and wait patiently until I hear back about this resolution business.

    1. I knew that about Google, but please let me know what you hear from Amazon! I am keeping SmugMug so I will still have that for guaranteed full resolution, just like this as a backup option.