2014 Digital Project Life - Nov 3 - 9

Sharing another Project Life layout using the Project Life app.

I know for sure I'll be using the app to finish up 2014. But I'm not sure what I want to do for 2015 yet. I know I want to keep documenting, but I'm not sure what format I'd like to use. I'm enjoying both the physical and the digital scrapbooking I've been doing. I really do enjoy not having to print photos each week, but I'm missing a little bit of that hands-on creativity you get with the physical product. And the app is very convenient, but I do miss being able to use some embellishments and other kits. I have some decisions to make in the next few weeks, for sure!

Anyway, on to my layout:

I used the Azure edition for this one. And for once I changed it up and didn't use a white background. I just thought white didn't go with the cards in this kit. 
I added in the text on the photos with the Rhonna Designs app, and the "Nov 2014" from my 2014 Monthly brush set. The rest was all done in the app.

I added photos of the gym and my cube at our new office building. This was a really big deal for us to move into a new, professional space, so I wanted to document it. I actually have a whole bunch of photos of the move but I didn't add them all in here - I'm still pulling together my Week In The Life pages and the move is documented during that week. However Monday the 3rd was the first day in the new office so I had to include at least a few pictures.

Brad and I attended a Celtics game so I added in a selfie of us at the game. I also included a picture of Austin carrying my purse, something he asked to do one morning.
Brad has been really great lately sending me photos when he's not with me, so that I can include them in Project Life. I've taught him well, it seems, but it did take a good 3.5 years to train him! :) Anyway, I thought it was cute that he sent me a selfie from the dentist, so of course that had to be included. And then another from his weekly game night.

Project Life is an amazing and simple scrapbooking system designed by Becky Higgins. While I often use products created by other designers, I attribute my love of pocket style scrapbooking to Becky and Project Life, which is why I always refer to my pocket pages as Project Life. For more information, please check out Becky's website. If you're new to the blog and you'd like to scroll back through my past few years doing Project Life, you can find all of my Project Life related posts here.  In 2014 I switched to the digital Project Life format, which you can find products for here. Or you can design a page like this one using the brand new Project Life iOS app.


  1. I love this kit! Its like, almost primary colors but doesn't look childish... which I think is really hard to do!
    Its fun and bright, and good pictures as always :-)

    This app is seriously surprising me!

    1. This kit is one of my faves - it's actually designed by Amber of Stolen Moments Design (one of the creative teams I'm on). :)

  2. Looking slim and trim in your party dress!