Disney Project Life Album - 2010

It's been awhile since I've posted anything on my Disney Project Life album. The main reason being...I haven't been working on it. So many projects, so little time. I've previously only posted 2006.

Anyway, I skipped ahead several trips because, frankly, I can't really remember little details about them, so I thought I'd tackle an easier year. I did 2010, because it was a pretty memorable trip (both good and bad). I was pretty far along in my pregnancy so I can remember the trip very clearly.

Here is a look at 2010. (Click any photo to view larger).

I chose to use the Project Life Aqua edition. I love the bright colors and there were a few cards I thought fit perfectly (such as the "life does not have to be perfect..." card). On the title card, I added some alpha stickers from Studio Calico to note the month and year of the trip. I didn't do much embellishing, other than the card noting Coronado Springs, to which I added little alpha block stickers and a wood veneer arrow.

We were delayed leaving due to a giant snow storm in the Northeast. If I remember correctly our flight was originally the morning after Christmas and we ended up flying out the next evening. My brand new camera at the time died two days into the trip (which was approximately 4 days after I received it for Christmas, grrr). I was already tired, sick, and sad that I couldn't go on a lot of rides, so the camera breaking just added icing to the cake. But there were some really awesome parts of the trip, so that's why I chose that "perfect" card.

I was able to fill in each page with some journaling. I do wish I'd kept better notes somewhere about these trips. That won't be a problem starting with our trip from last year, because I know better, but it makes me sad that little memories from the trips that I can recall aren't documented - because I'm not even sure which trip they might have happened if I don't have a photo.

We went to see the Christmas lights over at Hollywood Studios. Oh my gosh, best Christmas light display I've ever seen. I really want to go back and do that again some year.

Loved spending New Year's Eve at the Magic Kingdom. I do remember that as one of the nicer memories from the trip. We did have to sit and wait for the fireworks for a good 5 hours (pretty much grabbed our spot as soon as we finished dinner), but it was worth it. We found a little nook between Main Street and Tomorrowland, and a cast member who was helping to direct people kind of guarded our spot all night for us, not letting anyone else steal it from us. She was even really attentive to me and kept asking if I needed anything, which I thought was just so cool. Definitely one of the "magical" things about Disney. And the fireworks, oh my. They were all around the whole park, so it was like you were in the middle of them. And they went on forever.

I also remember the process of leaving the park after the fireworks. We were directed behind the scenes, which was really neat to see. Not someone you get to do every day.

The end of our trip, we spent at Universal. Which was supposed to be the start of our trip but due to the snowstorm, we had to add a day onto the end of the trip and reschedule our Universal night. I am forever thankful for Universal and Southwest being so accommodating to move our return flight and our hotel stay. Seeing the world of Harry Potter for the first time was incredible. I was disappointed that there were no rides in the park that pregnant women are simply "allowed" to go on. I ended up saying screw it and got on a few small rides (like the Cat in The Hat), and ignored the pregnancy warnings.

So even though there were definite negatives to being pregnant at Disney, there were plenty of amazing things to see during the trip too.

There are two trips I still need to print photos for - 2011 (which was just Brad and I) and then 2013 (I did a mini album but I want to get all trips into one series of albums), and we have another one coming up in, eek, about 6 weeks! (This one will be our best ever, I think, we have so much planned). It is fun to relive them as I put together this album.


  1. Sigh. Looks amazing! I went to Disney for the first time in 2008, just before I got married and have been wishing to go back again. I only got to spend 1 day in Disney/Magic Kingdom (trip with my family and my Dad had other things planned as well), but it was still awesome. I'm hoping that once my daughters are old enough and we can save up for it, that we can go down to Disney as a family vacation. One day hopefully.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I am in the middle of our HUGE Disney album from our annual pass year. It is such a daunting project, but seeing inspiration helps.

  3. I'm so glad that you can say standing in a spot to watch fireworks for 5 hours was worth it...that would have made me SO CRANKY!!