Freebie: Digital Scrapbook Template

Last week I shared a traditional scrapbook layout I had made that included a panoramic photo.

I have been having fun making pages with digital templates, and I thought I would try making my own based off of the above layout. I think it came out pretty nice for my first template, and I thought I would share it here as a freebie. I hope you guys can use it!

The download file includes the template in .psd and .tif formats. (And I hope I did the .tif format correctly - I don't use .tif files at all but I followed some instructions I found by Googling).

I even made a page with another panoramic photo from our vacation to show off the new template:

I used papers & elements from Bee Tree Studios' Beach Side Mini kit (a past freebie), the alpha pack from the Candid collection by Just Jaimee & Mommyish, Twinkles from Creashens, and staples and wood elements from Mye De Leon (Sunkissed & Unscripted kits).



  1. Thank you for the template!!

  2. I love this template. Can you do more like this with panoramic photos?

    1. I plan to! For now, if you visit she's got a panoramic template up!

    2. Thank you! I went to the site but could find the panoramic template. I must have missed something. Can you give me the name of the template and I'll try again?

  3. It's in this post

  4. Thank You!! I was not even close. And I also joined in the Scrappy Bee August Blog Train. What fun. I bookmarked your blog as well as beetreestudios for future reference.