2014 Digital Project Life - May 12 - June 13

I hope you all had a great holiday weekend! I have two spreads to share with you today, that cover a month in time.

For this spread I used the Andiamo papers and journaling cards from Scotty Girl Design, and templates from Cathy Zielske. I chose this collection because of the "Gray Skies Are Gonna Clear Up" card. On both the night of Summer's prom and her graduation, it was rainy, but we managed to get a few minutes where the rain cleared up so that we could take pictures outside. The card was just perfect for that.

I added in journaling on one 4x6 card, with our movie ticket stubs layered on top. I also included the LGH TeamWalk for Cancercare photo that was taken of myself and my walking partner.

One of my best friends had a baby boy, so I included the photo she sent me when he was born, along with his birth stats. I added in a scan of my allergy report and a photo of my swollen arm, along with a photo of Austin's wart that he had frozen. Graduation photos finish off this page.

You can see I'm keeping these spreads pretty simple - minimal/no embellishing and very little journaling. This is helping me to get "caught up" again.

For this spread I used Mye De Leon's Sunkissed freebie, and a couple of templates from Julie Billingsley (her shop has since retired).

For the first page, I just added a "currently" type of card where I listed some random happenings.

The second page is all about our trip to NY to meet baby Desmond (and of course spend time with the rest of the Votra family).

I have one more "everyday" spread for June to come tomorrow, and then I have three spreads to share for our vacation from a few weeks ago. Can't wait to share!

Project Life is an amazing and simple scrapbooking system designed by Becky Higgins. While I often use products created by other designers, I attribute my love of pocket style scrapbooking to Becky and Project Life, which is why I always refer to my pocket pages as Project Life. For more information, please check out Becky's website. If you're new to the blog and you'd like to scroll back through my past few years doing Project Life, you can find all of my Project Life related posts here.  In 2014 I switched to the digital Project Life format, which you can find products for here.

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