Kickstarter: Cutterpillar Crop

Just wanted to pass this along - I backed a Kickstarter for a new paper trimmer that looks pretty cool. I have not tried it yet (obviously), or this brand, but I have seen positive reviews for their larger Cutterpillar, so for the $35 pledge level I thought I'd give it a shot.

My husband has done a few Kickstarters before, but this was my first! I'm excited - this trimmer looks really precise. I do have a Fiskars Sure Cut that I love (but my wire frayed a bit so I use it without the wire) and a heavy duty guillotine style cutter for chipboard, but I am intrigued by the precision this cutter is supposed to provide. I will do a review once it arrives!

Anyway, just wanted to share!

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  1. I have backed about over a 100 kickstarter projects. I love it. I try to mostly back projects in my State, that way I have the feeling I'm doing something good to help with unemployment and help people set up business. Some have turned out real good, a lot of iPhone and iPad products and some are still after 2 years(the espresso machine) waiting to arrive but it has been a great experience and I've learned so much. Most people do it because they get a product cheaper, but for me it is the road, the process. I do it because I am disabled, can not work and have the feeling I do not contribute enough to society. This is my way to giving back ;-)

    When I came across the cutter it was a no-brainer of course. This is not a risky start-up business this is a product that already exist but is been made into a smaller size. And this is one of those times I back a product just for me, I want one, I need one, can't wait to get my paws on it ;-)

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