Updated freebie terms & things to come

Recently I mentioned that I was planning to retire some of my older freebies, but I have decided to leave them up on the blog.

What I have done is update my terms of use, which you can find here. Any freebies released after today will be for personal use only, and terms will be included in the download files. I also ask that anyone downloading the previous freebies starting today only use them for personal use, but of course I have to rely on the honor system for this. If you're currently using them for commercial use, you don't have to stop. After some thinking and research, I believe this is the right move for me regarding the freebies, instead of simply removing them.

Now what about those freebies after today? I have some ideas in the works, and plan to have some new freebies added to the blog soon. I have a lot of creative ideas but life has just been insane lately, it seems. This week is my son's birthday party, and after that, I think I'll be able to breathe and get back in action again. New freebies, new shop releases, and new crafty goodness on the blog to come, so I hope you'll stick around!


  1. Hope Austin has a wonderful BIRTHDAY!!
    I also wanted to say that I would never even think of using your freebies for anything other than personal use and cannot imagine why anyone else would. I can only imagine how much time you invest in those freebies............and you have some AWESOME freebies!!