Now, with more fancy pants...

Spent all last night working on a little re-design on the blog. Hope you like it! I felt it was time to add a little bit of color.

Here's the before, to compare.

A few things that helped me out, if anyone is interested:

My social media icons started out from this layered template from The CoffeeShop Blog. I just turned off the banner layer and added a circle layer.

I made my own pinstripe pattern for the background using this tutorial.

My blog is made with a standard Blogger template for the base (I think it's the Picture Window one), and then I tweak the heck out of it to fit exactly what I'm looking for. I am not the best at coding, but I've found that you can find exactly what you need to do with a Google search. It's a lot of trial and error but you can edit your own templates if you have some time, patience, and a little Google-fu. :)


  1. Totally true. :) My blog is up for a makeover relatively soon, but most of what I have on there is from Google-fu'ing. This looks fantastic, I especially love the picture windows!

    1. Thanks! Those were easy - the whole image is just a template I made in PSE. I just had to figure out how many pixels wide I wanted and how many pixels I wanted in between them, and then I added guides at the appropriate intervals to make it easy to make rectangle masks.

  2. This looks really great!! Stylish and minimal but still interesting....very nice :)

  3. Looks great! Love the photo banner.

  4. I think it looks great! I have such a hard time making a white background template look good. You definitely do not have that problem. :-)