Austin At Three

My little boy is three years old today. I still remember the day I gave birth to him like it happened last week. It amazes me how fast time flies, how much he's grown in what feels like such a short time. I want to capture it all - everything he says, everything he does, every giggle, every random hug and "I love you Mommy," and bottle it up so I'll never forget any of it.

I thought I'd do another "10 Things Right Now" for him today:

Watching Cars, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, the "Everything is Awesome" music video.

Loving legos, trucks, and this little plastic maze toy from McDonald's.

Wanting to play with Sadie, every single evening when he gets home from daycare.

Eating macaroni & cheese, waffles, and Swedish Fish.

Playing Chuggington games on the iPad, and hide-and-go-seek.

Singing "Everything is Awesome" and "It's a Small World".

Asking "why?" when told he can't do something.

Negotiating with us to keep his toys with him when it's time for bed, and he'd rather get up and play.

Wearing jeans and his red Pluto shirt (passed along from his friend Cameron).

Looking forward to his birthday party tomorrow, especially his train birthday cake.

Happy Birthday, little buddy.


  1. Happy birthday to your darling little boy. What a special treat he'll have one day to read his 10 things. :)