Around Here...

Just some stuff that's going on.

Got a haircut.

We finally "finished" our living room - about 4.5 years after we moved in. We added an entertainment unit and coffee table from Ikea, along with some of their curtains, and an inexpensive (because the dog will more than likely chew on it) rug. It feels lovely to have a nice cozy room now.
I gave my kitchen a major deep clean. I even scrubbed our grease trap.

I will share soon, but I abandoned my physical December Daily album, picked up a digital Christmas kit and a template set, and am quickly throwing together a photo book and calling this project done. More details to come.

I love him. And she's growing on me too. These two are best buds.

Work is going well for both Brad and I. Austin's about to turn 3, and it's freaking me out just a little. I'm swamped, absolutely swamped, with to-do list items, both my own and stuff I've promised to others. Most of which I genuinely want and am excited to do, like photos for a friend, and invitations for another friend, but I also have stuff I dread doing, like taxes for my entire family. I am not, and never will be, a tax accountant, but some how I am roped into doing them every year, and every year I grumble about it until they're done. I hate taxes.

I have a load of craft projects I'm working on and want to share, so hopefully I can get caught up over this next week and get back to posting here regularly. In the meantime, if you really want to follow my daily shenanigans, you're welcome to follow me on Instagram. I post multiple times a day, about pretty much everything that pops into my head. :)

Hope you're all having a great March so far. When is Spring and warmer weather coming?????


  1. Great cut Melissa! You have been a busy young lady............need my address? I HATE to clean the kitchen anymore, but some body has to do it!! As for taxes, I hate them too, only because I NEVER get 1/3rd of mine back, which makes me wonder who in the world is getting my hard earned $$$!!! (I'm definitely NOT rich, nor am I in the triple digits)'s HOT here in FL!! Hope you get some nice weather soon.

    1. Thank you! Tell me about it with the taxes. Ugh!