2014 Digital Project Life - Feb 6-9

I have a fun spread to share this week - it's my first with a scrapbook layout included.

I wanted to work with the Jade Edition this time, as it's one of my favorites. I love that it's pretty neutral, and maybe even a little masculine, without it being very "themey." It's really perfect for any project. (I used a lot of Jade Edition cards in my Disney 2013 Mini Album).

This spread is really only a couple of days worth of photos. I wanted to keep our trip to Vegas separate, but I needed something on the right hand side of the spread. I thought making a layout about his haircut would be a good solution.

Here's a closer look at the left page:

We took Austin for a haircut that was long overdue, so I added a photo and some journaling about that (my layout about his haircut did not include journaling). I also included a photo of his feet and his shoes, both of which melt my heart a little. And lately Austin has been enjoying baths in our big jacuzzi tub, sometimes with one of us, so I captured a photo of him with his daddy and included that here as well. Brad has been devouring the Walking Dead books that I've been buying for him, so I added a card about that too.

I used a background paper from the Jade paper pack, and added a paper texture layer style over it so that it felt a little more realistic. (I did the same with the papers on the right hand side of the layout, and all of my journaling cards). I used a few cards and papers from Jade for the pockets that I didn't have a photo for.

I used a freebie digital stamp from Cathy Zielske on the orange camera card, but before I added it, I opened up the png and added a distressed layer style to it so that it had a bit more of a stamped feel. Then I dragged it onto my layout.

When I was working on my layout, I added cards and photos to the left page, but then waited until I had completed the layout on the right before embellishing. I wanted to tie both pages together, so I figured out what I wanted to use on the right, and then added a few of the same embellishments to the left, such as the sequins and scissors.

On to the layout on the right hand side:

I had so much fun with this. I had previously only dabbled a little in digital scrapbook pages, mostly with a dedicated scrapbook software, but I thought it might be fun to include a few in my Project Life album this year.

The layout was inspired by one I saw on Pinterest by Eyoung Lee. Her physical layout is totally gorgeous, and I thought the design might work for the pictures I took of Austin getting his hair cut.

For the title area,  I used the Twister Alpha by Creashens over at Pixels & Company, and Just Jaimee's December 2013 Storyteller Alpha. I added stitches from Creashens, a pair of wire scissors and a round scissor stamp from Pink Reptile's For The Love Of freebie, and a burlap toothpick flag from Studio Basic's Celebrate Life freebie. Then I just made some digital sequins to add in one of the colors from the Jade Edition. Finally, I "stamped" the date (twice, because I like the look) by typing it on with one of my favorite fonts, Stam Pete. I've been using it for all my dates this year.

I repeated the scissors stamps and the sequins in the upper corner of the page. I put the stamps under the photo layer so it looks like I stamped them on the page before adding photos.

Other items used on the page were a journaling tag from the Pixels & Co For The Love Of freebie, a "Smile for the camera" label from Shannon McNab's F Stop add-on freebie, and epoxy hearts from Bella Gypsy's Happy Calm freebie.

I really enjoyed working on this spread, and I look forward to doing other "traditional" style pages in the future. It really gave me a chance to be creative.

Project Life is an amazing and simple scrapbooking system designed by Becky Higgins. For more information, please check out Becky's website. If you're new to the blog and you'd like to scroll back through my past few years doing Project Life, you can find all of my Project Life related posts here.  In 2014 I switched to digital Project Life, which you can find products for here.


  1. I like the combination of the pocket page and traditional layouts. So easy to do digitally. I want to do that more in my PL album but it would mean I have to do two back to back traditional pages which sometimes doesn't appeal to me!

    1. Totally agree. Last year I made a few traditional layouts and just used them as an insert in a week instead. One thing I love about digital is I don't have to worry about what the layout is on one side. I can do whatever I want on the other.

  2. I never thought to combine the two, but for something as momentous as a haircut, it deserves its own page! I love this. :)

    I'm woefully behind on PL. Maybe I'll work on it tonight. ;)