"Mommy, turn off the phone. Come play with me." 

That was Austin this evening, as Brad cooked us dinner and I struggled to find enough energy to sit down with Austin in his playroom. (We are all fighting bad colds). I figured I could sit with him while he played, check Instagram and Facebook, when he hit me with that line.


Coincidentally, Ali Edwards ( posted about this very thing on her blog today. (Ironically I'm on my phone posting this from my bed, so I'm not sure how to link to her post).

If there ever was a wake up call that I'm too connected, this is it. Things need to change. I just wish I knew how to unplug. I like being connected. But I do not like that it's so noticeable my 2 year old is telling me to put the phone down.

I'll try. For his sake, I'll try. I'll try not to answer every email that pops up right away. I'll try to cut back on Candy Crush. And I'll try to put the phone down and play more often. 

Baby steps. It doesn't have to all be at once. I just need to start. 

Thanks for the push, Austin. 


  1. Ooof! Thats a little punch to gut, isn't it?
    I think the fact that it bothered you says a lot though, you didn't dismiss it and say you were working, or ignore his request.
    When I accidentally left my phone at home the other day, it made me realize just how much I use it.
    I've been better about letting it go a bit too.

    You can do it :-) There is definitely joy to be found elsewhere!

  2. I once had to tell Matt to put the phone down and play with the baby. He's obsessed with Candy Crush and Angry Birds, too, and while I'm trying to make it a point to save electronics for after Tycho's in bed, he needs to do the same. Childhood flies by!

    Good luck!! It's a hard addiction to break (I know, as it took me a long time to get to the point I mentioned above!), but you'll definitely get it. :) And good on you for putting it down, I'm sure that meant a lot to him!

    1. I'd be pretty pissed if Brad told me to put down the phone. (Especially as he's on his just as much as I'm on mine). It's one thing for Austin to say it, when I'm spending time with Austin. I think I'd only accept Brad telling me that if I were purposefully spending time with HIM. It's not up to him to decide how much I use my phone otherwise.

    2. I agree, but since Tycho can't say it at the moment, I have to say it for him. We only get an hour or so before his bath and bed routine, and it's frustrating when Matt is on the phone the entire time that Tycho is home. I feel like it can wait until I'm putting Tycho down for bed!

  3. I hear this and glad I'm not the only one struggling with this. I read Ali's blog about this and felt guilty as well. Your comment "Things need to change. I just wish I knew how to unplug. I like being connected." really resonated with me and having thought about it and discussed with hubby last night I know I need to moderate my time on the computer, I just need to find a happy balance. Good luck to you too.

  4. With you as well. My 2.5 year old will often see my phone on the counter or table and will run with it to me and say "uh oh mama, your phone!". Eye. Opening.
    Tomorrow is one of my two mornings with her at home, and I am going to do my best to leave the phone and computer and tablet aside and just be. With her. Doing things that don't require a screen. Blocks. Dolls. Toys. Hell, even letting her help with the laundry.
    We can do this... together!